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A new game I’m writing for BlackFOX. It is a replica of Pump It Up! arcade machine, in a tiny cartridge (plus a huge dance pad).

The dance pad is based on players sensors, it has no moving parts, and therefore you get no physics shaking when moving on it (especially in multiplayer). It uses standard BlackFOX controller interface, and links wirelessly to console.

The game itself is still work in progress, but it uses some nifty rendering methods to draw blurred stuff on GPU.

Arrows are fully working now, and are loaded from CPU (there is no input right now, only autoplay):

This game is time-synchronized with HL2 songs (and possibly more if I get to do it). Right now synchronization is automatic, and it looks like this (it’s not very precise with beats.. but it gives good timing):

As you can see I’m using EmuFox to develop it, and it works same way in-game. I’ll release source code along with new version of EmuFox (with debugging), and new version of BlackFOX console (and BIOS source code, it is pretty huge right now).